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A Cake for You

The book for kids growing up in a country other than their parents'

A story that shows children how mixing parts of two different cultures leads to something truly special, just like them.

  • Recommended for ages 0-7
  • A fun cake recipe and surprising ingredients

A book with your kid on the cover

This story is all about your little one, so go ahead and have a play with the customisable avatars until you’ve created one that looks just like them. Have your pick from a variety of hairstyles, skin colours and more!

"What a cool story, love the layout of the book. Can't wait to read it to my little Mees."

A personalised story from cover to cover

Beyond seeing their name and avatar on the cover, your kid will have a lot more personalised details to uncover. Every turn of the page reveals a new detail that is uniquely ‘them’, a special ingredient meant to stimulate their curiosity about language, food, geography and cultural practices.

A cake like no other

Your cake is decorated with culturally relevant symbols for each country. So it can be just as spectacular on the outside as it is on the inside.

A cast of fun characters to discover

As the story unfolds, new friendly characters emerge, all playing their part in showing your little one just how special they are.

"Wish I'd had something like this as a child. What a lovely idea!"
A Cake for You