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A Child of Two Worlds

The first ever personalised book for dual-heritage children

Designed to look like a passport with two sides, this book helps children with parents from different countries explore their rich identities.

  • Recommended for ages 0-7
  • A story of two halves told over 64 pages

Have fun customising the avatars

This book is all about your family, so go ahead and personalise the avatars to make them look the part! You can customise the skin, hair colour, eye colour, add glasses, freckles and even a scratchy beard for Daddy.

"I would have loved for something like this to be around when I was growing up, I'm half French, half English myself. I'm trying really hard to make my kids pay attention to all things French, it's not easy!"

A personalised guide

You can start your reading adventure from either side of the book. Pick Mummy’s or Daddy’s passport to begin the story from their country of origin. Discover more about it through fun facts about nature, food, sports and lots more.

The two worlds connect

Both stories end in the centre spread, with the child and the parents meeting in the middle

A keepsake gift

You can turn A Child of Two Worlds into a journal, with special activity sections where you can track new words you’ve learned, places you’ve visited and delicious foods you’ve tried. Your very own diary charting your travels through the two worlds. Something to cherish forever!

"Love the concept. There's nothing quite like it on the market, it really caught my eye."

Book size and quality

The book is available in softback and hardback formats, both A4 in size and printed on thick, high quality 150gsm paper, all from FSC certified sources.

A Child of Two Worlds

Your two countries

We're working hard to make the book available for all the children of two worlds. Tell us which combination of two countries you need and we'll let you know when it becomes available.

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