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It must've been around 2017 when we came up with this great idea for a personalised book. After working passionately for months on the project, we took it to one of the very few publishers that could print personalised books at the time. Only to be offered a deal that we could only laugh at. And politely refuse of course.

That's when we decided to create the [[[two worlds]]] marketplace - the first and only place that democratises the access to personalised printed content so that any talented creator or publisher from anywhere in the world can create and sell their own personalised books, magazines and journals.

We've also made everything simple and fair - so the creators keep their copyright and majority of revenue. Just like we would've wanted it to be back in 2017 when we created our first personalised book.

So if you're here to shop or just browse for personalised books (you can preview in full every single book on our website) we can't wait for you to discover the amazing products our creators have made. Equally, if you're an artist, agent or publisher looking to create your own personalised books, we'd love to welcome you as a [[[two worlds]]] creator.