United Kingdom

About us

Our adventure began five years ago in London. Here, it feels like everyone is from somewhere different and everyone has a fascinating story to tell. Everyone you meet is a living story of how identity is shaped, deep-rooted in the past but constantly chiselled by the twists and turns of present life in this city.

As expats, we were always drawn to these stories. They’ve always been a big part of why we’re able to call London ‘home’. But as we entered that stage of our lives where everyone around was starting families, these stories of identity and belonging became even more interesting. So we moved on from our own stories of living, loving and longing in London and started exploring what identity looks like for little ones whose parents come from different parts of the world.

Child development studies have long demonstrated the importance of connecting children with their heritage early on in their lives to help foster their sense of identity. Doing so in a playful way that stimulates conversation and helps create a strong bond between parents and children is crucial. That’s what gave us the inspiration to create two worlds: an editorial project that aims to help dual heritage and third culture children explore their rich identities, one page at a time.