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Ana was born and raised in the capital city of Romania. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Bucharest. Food coach by day, writer by night, Ana loves naps, cats and cat naps. Currently residing with her family and pets in her native city. As you read this, she is likely multitasking, coaching someone on the phone while cooking a glorious meal and planning her next book. You can reach out to Ana on Instagram and Facebook for healthy eating advice and easy rhymes.
I Miss You
created by daia + ananaie
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The book for people in a long distance relationship.
Recommended for ages 13+
personalise yourself and your partner
unique way to show how much you miss them
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Better Together
from $28.99
The book for couples that your partner will absolutely love!
Recommended for ages 13+
best gift for anniversaries
or simply just because you love them
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I got a cast
from $22.99
Broken hand or leg? Oh noooo! This book is for you!
Recommended for ages 2-8
best gift for someone who got a cast
customize the avatar and broken hand or leg
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